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Free CRM system: Pros and cons

We are always short of money. Especially if we need to develop our business from scratch. Read this article about how to save a little on enterprise management with free CRM systems and whether it makes sense.

Naturally, we all love free solutions to our problems. Especially given that in today’s world, and even more so in the segment of Internet business, such solutions are much less than we wanted.

If we talk about CRM systems, you can find paid, free and conditionally free rates. The latter option is the most common version of free, which is logical, because no company will not spend years for free on the development of a quality product that does not bring profit. But to use a completely free version is simply dangerous, because such systems are updated less often than paid analogues, and technical support treats them as a kurkul to poor relatives. We are in business and do not want that at any moment because of a failure or hacker attack created by hard work database was lost or (even worse) stolen.

Conditionally free CRM

This subspecies of analytical systems is a magic wand for small and sometimes medium business segment. For example, Comparative Bank uses exactly this kind of CRM. Conditionally free CRM does not require any financial injections from you, but it does provide limitations on some functionality that can be removed at any time by purchasing a paid license.

Free CRM systems of this order have good technical support and acceptable, and sometimes even wide possibilities (search for new customers, online marketing). They serve both as a kind of tester and a demonstration of the manufacturer’s capabilities. For this reason, the developers monitor the security of the system and keep it up to date. Especially since sooner or later (if things go well), you will switch to a paid version.

Free CRMs have only one very obvious advantage: they are free. Otherwise, these systems are significantly inferior to their paid counterparts. But the disadvantages of using this software product is slightly more.

Minuses of free CRM systems

It is worth saying that most of the disadvantages of free CRM systems are problematic for medium and large businesses. If you refer to them, pay attention to the rating of paid CRM while small entrepreneurs may not pay attention to them.

They exist anyway, but their quantity and quality depends individually on the publishers’ policies. The most common option is a time limit on usage. Usually, such a free CRM system works only for two weeks and you should use it only if you purchase a full version after this period.

The second most popular option is to reduce the maximum number of users and customer base. It is not lethal for small and partially medium businesses, but if you own a large company, you will be extremely uncomfortable working in CRM.

Another pitfall faced by owners of free CRM systems is the lack of developer support during implementation. Such actions usually require individual solutions, which are difficult to implement without third-party help.

Rating of free and conditionally free CRM

Free crm system #1: Bitrix 24

A complete solution for a small and medium-sized company, thanks to which you can:

  • use corporate network. Essentially simplifies interaction between employees. Allows setting tasks, editing them, adding observers, co-workers, maintaining a reporting system. The corporate portal is a social network with an intuitive interface that makes it convenient to use even for new team members;
  • keep records of calls and monitor the execution of orders, monitor each stage of the purchase. An indispensable set of tools for the sales department;
  • work with related services. Well-designed integration capabilities of Bitrix24 make it possible to combine the system with mailing lists, IP telephony, etc.

Megaplan. Conditionally free crm system

Initially, a paid CRM system got a free “MegaplanFree” tariff. This is a full-fledged cloud service, the limitations of which only affect the number of accounts and the maximum number of records in the customer database. If you don’t plan to have more than 10 accounts, and the total number of your customers doesn’t exceed 1000 (which is enough for small and sometimes middle level entrepreneurs), this CRM will significantly simplify your work. It allows:

  • systematize and monitor the performance of individual employees, or entire departments;
  • work with the built-in task scheduler. In it, you can link tasks to each other and to transactions;
  • use corporate chat and multi-channel notification system.

One of the tangible disadvantages of the free version of this CRM is the restriction on projects. Maximum you can work only in two. Also free tariff Megaplan does not imply integration with 1C.

SalesMan: excellent feed system for freelancers

CRM system, the free version of which is considered one of the most popular solutions for small startups and freelancers. The peculiarity of the product is to issue a free license for only one person, while maintaining the entire functional spectrum. Only the boxed version is available, which allows:

  • create a sales funnel;
  • work in an internal full mail client;
  • keep financial records and manage transactions;
  • keep track of cold calls;
  • use a large number of reporting templates;

The main disadvantage of the free version of SalesMan is the fact that the license applies only to one person. You already have to pay for connecting the second person.

If good free CRM systems? Conclusion

If you’re still not sure if you should use free versions of CRM systems, let’s give you a little hint. Focus on the number of users that will work with it. It is not rational for owners of relatively large enterprises to install such options. And if there are only a few specialists in the firm, such a system will play a good role, thanks to the optimization and automation of many routine processes.

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