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CRM-systems rating 2023: the best CPM for small and medium businesses

The business sphere is constantly developing and segmenting. At the same time, the market for CRM products is also evolving. Software products are updated, new possibilities appear, or the already known ones are combined. It's difficult even for experienced entrepreneurs, let alone beginners, to get confused in search of the most suitable product. That's why in this article we review and compare the best CRM 2017, at least a little simplifying your search.

The business sector is constantly evolving and segmenting. At the same time, the market for CRM products is evolving. Software products are being updated, new features are being introduced, or known features are being combined. Even experienced entrepreneurs, let alone beginners, get lost in the search for the most suitable product. That’s why, in this article, we review and compare the best CRMs of 2023, making your search even a little easier.

Carrying out an objective and comprehensive comparison of CRM is very difficult, if not impossible. The specifics of these systems implies that they are confined to a particular area of business. This makes it impossible to choose ten, five or even one product that meets the needs of small, medium and large businesses; manufacturers, implementers and firms offering services rather than products (for example, legal or marketing).

Before proceeding to the ranking, we advise you to read the article “What is CRM“, which provides theoretical and practical information about the types, features and algorithm for choosing this software product.

Rating of the best universal CRM systems of 2023

These generic CRM solutions are suitable for most small and medium-sized businesses, as they combine the basic functions needed to manage businesses, regardless of their scope. But there is no universal CRM that meets all your needs, so you should choose the one that covers the maximum number of requests of a particular organization.

Warning! CRM systems are presented in a loose order, so each reader can rank them according to personal preference.


Offers to develop your company, business or start-up through the implementation of just one product with a wide range of features. The creators say that the result will be visible after the free trial period, so there is no question about the importance of buying the full version.

The point of the CRM is to create a single information field for specialists from marketing, sales and support. Thus, communication with the customer will be supported by access to the entire history of interaction with him. A company representative already “knows” everything, so they can apply this information to successful communication, sales, and transactions.

What else does Salesforce offer

  1. Tools for sales and customer service.
  2. The complete solution for building your sales team.
  3. Automation of marketing activities.
  4. Fundraising service.
  5. An accountancy support book.
  6. Virtual programmes to help with the creation of a start-up.


A system for small and medium-sized businesses to help systematise sales and establish the sales department as a single organism. Streamlining and bringing to a single standard will take place with the following functionality:

  • management of leads and deals – it will suffice to set up a virtual interlocutor or chat room that will communicate with potential customers, guiding them into sales funnels;
  • performance analysis – automation of reports, analyses that will help to correlate each employee’s performance with the company’s goals.

All of this is available not only for PCs, but also for mobile apps. This allows you to stay up to date, regardless of whether an employee is in the office or not. And the security of data storage on servers in Europe and the US will allow you to stay calm and not worry that valuable information might leak.


It is a CRM system that can help solve sales and marketing tasks at the same time. This tandem makes the work not just doable, but also convenient and affordable. An additional bonus is the free version, which allows you to get acquainted with the main functions and features of the service, and then pay for the package.

What you can do:

  • maintain a database of contacts;
  • store information on each site, create personal cards and edit them;
  • track which channel a customer came to your site from;
  • maintain correspondence;
  • schedule events through the website, such as meetings or calls;
  • create forms to collect customer data;
  • receive enquiries from customers.

Importantly, HUBSPOT can integrate with other systems such as telephony, financial software and so on. This CRM is suitable for B2B businesses, online services, IT companies, retail, very large companies.


This company is renowned for producing software, including for businesses. Its main product is considered to be the development of CRM, which would help to adjust internal processes within the company – accounting, trade, production sphere, financial field, personnel management, warehouse management, and so on.

SAP customers can purchase both comprehensive solutions and individual packages for optimization.

The main product is SAP ERP. It is a solution for medium and large enterprises, allowing to work in several development vectors at once:

  • portal solutions;
  • integration of solutions at all levels of the company;
  • corporate storage and database creation;
  • knowledge management.


The creators of the CRM system were guided by principles of continuous improvement, so they gave the product functionality, flexibility and high speed, which would help to make the work more productive and ensure a stable profit for the company.

Characteristics of CRM:

  • easy to use for every customer – advanced features for administrators, creation of groups, calendars, display of the account with all information, adding addresses on maps, access to the audit trail;
  • data synchronization which is available to every user;
  • availability of mobile application;
  • constant version updates;
  • the ability to view the history of an “object”, be it a lead or an affiliate with full personalised content;
  • real-time analytics;
  • browser and cloud support.


This CRM is a real godsend for those who need comprehensive customer information. The creators claim that with this software, you can get a 360-degree overview, and in real time. Using NetSuite will provide valuable information throughout the entire customer lifecycle: sales order, work execution, additional or cross-selling, support, answering questions and so on.

CRM capabilities:

  • customer service management;
  • marketing modernisation;
  • quoting;
  • order management;
  • forecasting;
  • e-commerce.

NetSuite позволяет не только лучше узнать о клиентах, но и изменить отношениями с ними.


A simple and straightforward CRM with which you can attract potential customers, build relationships with existing customers, develop long-term relationships and even set your own rules.

Encompass offers tailored business solutions, marketing strategies, communications, supported by business intelligence.

What becomes possible with CRM:

  • lower marketing costs;
  • double conversion;
  • customer retention;
  • referring customers to referral partners;
  • sending feedback forms to customers;
  • creating campaigns with specific targets;
  • learning business intelligence;
  • receiving complaints promptly and responding to them immediately.

In this article we deliberately did not touch the subject completely or conditionally free CRM, as it is quite extensive and requires a separate consideration and is described in detail here “Rating of free CRM systems“.

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