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CRM-systems rating 2018: the best CPM for small and medium businesses

The business sphere is constantly developing and segmenting. At the same time, the market for CRM products is also evolving. Software products are updated, new possibilities appear, or the already known ones are combined. It's difficult even for experienced entrepreneurs, let alone beginners, to get confused in search of the most suitable product. That's why in this article we review and compare the best CRM 2017, at least a little simplifying your search.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to make an objective and exhaustive CRM comparison. The specifics of these systems imply their sharpening to a specific area of business. This leads to the impossibility to choose ten, five or even one product that meets the needs of simultaneously small, medium and large businesses, manufacturers, implementers and firms that offer not products but services (eg, legal or marketing). Therefore, in this rating CRM systems are divided into two subgroups:

  • universal;
  • categorical.

Before you proceed to the rating, we advise you to read the article “What is CRM“, which provides theoretical and practical information about the types, features and algorithm for selecting this software product.

Rating of the best universal CRM systems in 2018

These typical CRM solutions are suitable for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses, as they combine the basic functions required to manage enterprises, regardless of their field. But there is no universal CRM that meets all your needs, so you should choose one that covers the maximum number of requests of a particular organization.

1. Amo CRM – №1 in the ranking of CRM systems in 2018

This Saas product is well suited for companies that do not focus on instant sales, but use a funnel. Versatility allows you to use this product in virtually any business area. Among the positive aspects of CRM include:

  • ease of use when attracting potential customers and servicing regular customers;
  • an impressive integration base (sites, mail services call centers, social networks, the most common business applications);
  • cloud structure, which eliminates the need for additional maintenance;
  • availability of mobile version, which allows you to work in the system literally anywhere in the world where there is a network;
  • intuitive interface, both for beginners and advanced users.
  • availability of the trial version (14 days of use). A great feature for those who have faced the need to compare CRM systems, but do not want to pay for checking the functionality of each of them.

The system allows you to keep a single database of clients, as well as to monitor and analyze the interaction with them individually. CRM has the ability to plan sales funnels and a task scheduler. The disadvantage of CRM is the impossibility to flexibly set up access for managers (a little inconvenient for people involved in different activities). Also, the system does not have the ability to customize functions specifically for themselves (a common problem in typical CRM systems).

2. Megaplan

Cloud system suitable for business processes organization. Its most attractive advantage is the ability to select functions that are convenient for specific tasks, without overpaying for other modules.

Additional advantages of the system:

  • availability of a free version (maximum for 10 users). In addition, manufacturers often hold promotions that allow you to use different rates for free, for some time;
  • wide functionality (in addition to the CRM itself, the system has an archive, mail, module for working with staff);
  • simple interface and low cost. This CRM is great for small, emerging companies only, as well as for experienced middle class business representatives.

The disadvantages of the system include the lack of integration with the site.

3. Zoho CRM

A good cloud solution for customer relationship management. Focused on small and medium businesses. For the convenience of the user, the system has five types of licenses: from the version with minimal features to the version with full functionality. Naturally, the financial difference between them is noticeable. Let’s talk about the benefits:

  • comprehensive cross-platform and enjoyable integration opportunities. The product works with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Windows phone, Linux. CRM can be integrated with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Zapier, MailChimp, GetResponse, WordPress;
  • tracking traffic sources, customer interaction history, customer activity tracking;
  • convenient (just a few clicks) export/import of data;
  • additional functionality: scheduler, calendar, funnel analyzer, etc;

4. Bitrix24

The main source of popularity of this system is the free license “Project”, with functionality not much poorer than the paid version. CRM allows you to manage both projects and sales and the company itself, thus replacing multiple products. Thanks to Bitrix24, you can:

  • set tasks to employees and control them;
  • Use cloud file storage, the size of which depends on the type of license. For example, the free version gives you 5GB and the most expensive version gives you 100GB;
  • correspond via internal mail or instant messaging, which greatly optimizes the process of communication between employees.
  • keep a calendar and planning, as well as record the working hours of employees;
  • distribute access rights among employees, depending on their qualifications and rank.

Among the negative aspects we can note a rather sluggish technical support and massive design of the system, which will make it difficult for beginners to get used to it.

5. FreshOffice

CRM with its own ecosystem, a kind of multicombine allowing:

  • manage customer accounts;
  • manage marketing;
  • control finances;
  • work with documents and warehouse.

It features a rather nice interface, which is easy to learn and adjust to your needs. It is designed for low-level simple projects. And it copes with this task well. But if you need to implement a multistage long-term project, there are systems and make yourself comfortable (same Bitrix 24).

Rating CRM systems for specific business categories

In this item, we will look at more specialized CRMs, which perform well in narrow profile areas, but are very useless in others.

Frontdesk24: best crm system for hotel business

the most convenient CRM for managing hotels, hostels or apartments. It allows you to fully automate the work of the facility, through room and reception management, customer bases and tariffs. It is a cloud product, which eliminates the need to install servers and their maintenance, and allows you to manage facilities anywhere with Internet access. Among the main advantages of Frontdesk24 are the following:

  • opportunity to form a flexible system of tariffs for accommodation;
  • possibility to manage both a separate object and a network of hotels/hostels;
  • affordable price for the product;
  • integration with 1C;

Dacrm: crm system for realtors and real estate agencies

This system is primarily intended for real estate agencies and realtors. It automates many processes, allows to control the work of staff, collects data on clients in automatic mode. In addition, it is able to analyze all calls and record all payments. Conquered popularity thanks to:

  • user-friendly interface, which is clear and easy to learn even for beginners;
  • a good qualified technical support team;
  • flexible setup of SMS messages to potential customers;
  • availability of additional functions (automatic publication of announcements, chat for employees);
  • integration with Yandex.real estate.

The disadvantages of CRM include the lack of integration with third-party services and a lack of additional functional modules.

RetailCRM: top 1 crm for online stores

Designed for Internet trading platforms. The user who has installed this tool can control orders from the moment of receiving the order to the direct delivery of goods. The functionality of this CRM allows:

  • automate the process of client request processing and its distribution among managers;
  • create order cards, which store data on goods, customer, delivery and payment;
  • control and automate all the work of the call center, for example, fixing of each call, with further possibility to listen to it at any time;
  • instantly view data about the presence or absence of goods in stock.

Quick Resto: best zrm system for restaurant business

Service that allows to significantly automate the restaurant business.  In addition, the CRM core itself is equipped with front and back offices, as well as a personnel tracking mechanism. It is considered one of the best systems thanks to:

  • simple interface;
  • the ability to support third-party equipment (terminals, ticket printers, and scanners and barcode printers);
  • implementation of various loyalty programs for regular and new clients;
  • maintenance of statistics (data on the most popular dishes, total and average order amount, etc.);
  • availability of warehouse accounting and control over the movement of goods.

In this article we have not specifically touched upon the topic completely or conditionally free CRM, as it is quite voluminous and requires separate consideration and is described in detail here “Rating of free crm systems”.

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