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Top 5 Books on Internet Marketing – the best books you can read in 2022-2023

Books on Internet marketing - a new genre, so how business itself in the web is not more than a fourth table. It is the rules of shvidko, authoritative authoritative will inevitably get old, praised newcomers will take over the world, dictate their own situation and declare that they will be worthwhile to spend ten years of money. In this very statue, the list of books was selected, which are not available to Internet marketers will be remembered as a bastard, proponents as classic methods of promotion, as well as innovation.

1. Phil Barden “Decoded”

As long as you don’t treat marketing as a phenomenon at the intersection of psychology and economics, you won’t be very successful in it. This is the leitmotif that runs through Phil Barden’s book, Breaking into Marketing. The main benefit of this publication lies in three factors:

  • scientific approach;
  • competent design;
  • sufficient number of illustrations visualizing the ideas that the author wants to convey to the public.

The book will be useful both to marketers promoting goods and those who provide services. The thoughts expressed in “Breaking into Marketing” are the experience of many large successful companies, processed by scientists. Perhaps that is why it is difficult to call the publication a light reading. Literally on every page you need to stop to highlight an interesting fact with a pencil, or write a successful strategy in the notebook.

2. Michael Stelzner. Content Marketing. New methods of attracting clients in the era of the Internet.

If the previous book was suitable for both traditional and online businessmen, the author of this publication answers almost only the second category. Michael Steelsner first became famous as the author of a marketing blog, after which he decided to implement all the developments in this book. It will be useful both directly to marketers, copywriters and people working with social media.
The main idea of the book contradicts the traditional “aggressive” sales. The bias is made towards marketing without obtrusive advertising, which is especially relevant in our time, as the average user is tired of constant neon banners, discounts and offers to buy today, because tomorrow will not work.




3. Seth Godin. Purple cow.

Another example of marketing literature, which is not flattering about banal advertising. Why is the book called “Purple Cow”? Because only in the image of a familiar animal with a ridiculous color, most people are interested in it. Roughly speaking, this is the main idea of the publication. Offer the client something unique and unique, and he will definitely buy it. Despite the small volume, the publication sparkles with energy and shows marketing as it really is, referring to real examples and effective methods. It even slightly damages the book, as it makes it a little confusing and chaotic. The popularity of the publication is evidenced by the fact that many times it is literally wasted on quotes (for example: there is not enough ideas, but the will to implement them). However, the quotes taken out of context do not convey the way the author thinks, so the whole book should be read.

4. Rand Fishkin. SEO – the art of promotion of sites.

Although the author of the publication is an international expert Rand Fishkin, he worked on the book together with many recognized experts in the field. Perhaps that is why there are almost no unnecessary words in it. Every sentence is a jealously verified judgment based on observation and experimentation. Despite the fact that the first edition was written in 2014, the book is still relevant today, as it processes the basic algorithms of CEO promotion. A small disadvantage for users of Yandex will be the fact that “The art of promotion of sites” is focused on the western reader, respectively, says more about Google. It is more intended for professional CEOs, as it concerns deep topics and without the necessary level of knowledge will be difficult to perceive. If you decide to buy, look for a second reissue, as it has been added sections that answer questions about working with social networks.


5. John Jantsch. Marketing without diploma. Simple and practical.


John Yanch wrote a book, which can be considered the bible of a novice marketer. Not that it could replace five years of study, but it definitely helped many newcomers to understand the basics and principles of working with clients. Like any other useful book, Marketing Without a Diploma is not read, but studied slowly, with a pencil in hand. The main advantages of the publication can be considered:

  • maximum conciseness;
  • nice ratio of useful information to water (80/20);
  • illustrative examples from the life of successful entrepreneurs.

This book will be useful for both novices and experienced marketers, due to the fact that the information provided in it, thoroughly examines every aspect of promoting a product or service. “Marketing without a Diploma” does not lead the reader by hand and is not responsible for what to do, but shows how to do the right thing you intend to do.

In conclusion, I would like to say how to distinguish the explanatory book about Internet marketing from the one that will not bring any benefit. First of all, by the author. A person who has achieved recognition in a certain area will write a much more useful and interesting text than the one who is familiar with the material superficially or on the level of theory. Then pay attention to the facts and examples. The less specific data in the work (figures, percentages, company names), the more likely it is that there are books that reveal the subject in an order of magnitude better. This also applies to supporting the described ideas with examples from life. Last but not least, none of the above books guarantees success, but ponies help avoid many of the most common mistakes in creating a marketing program.

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