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The main thing for successful business promotion on the Internet: what no one talks about

At the end of the year, it is customary to analyze the events of the outgoing year and make forecasts about the trends of the next year. Internet marketing is no exception, and only the lazy one did not talk about the trends of 2023. We decided to stand out without standing out) and share with you our vision of the trends of 2023 in internet marketing.

We have divided all the information into three parts:

  1. The most important thing for the successful promotion of business on the Internet and what no one talks about;
  2. Trends and tools of Internet marketing (read: promotion of business on the Internet) in 2023;
  3. What will NOT work in 2023 in Internet marketing and what is worth watching out for as a fire.

And today we will talk about the most important/important factor, which is necessary to achieve results in business promotion on the Internet. And what no one is talking about.

As is often the case, nobody talks about it, because these are obvious things that everyone agrees with, that everyone understands, but that for some reason 80% of entrepreneurs do not apply 🙁

Below are the theses and examples of our clients from 2017, which confirm our words.

TOP 3 factors affecting the success of Internet marketing in 2023

Involvement of the owner in the process of promoting his business online and not only

The Internet has long been a full-fledged tool for attracting clients. And that is why the promotion in the network (we are talking now not only about seo, but also about comprehensive promotion on the Internet) requires the involvement of the owner in the process of positioning the company on the Internet, in brand building, reputation, etc.

It is no longer possible to hire a freelancer/company for $200 and instruct “Well, do whatever you need to”. And for $400 and for $800 you can not. Because it is not about the amount for services. And the need to cooperate, go into the process, provide the necessary materials (eg, photos, texts (or advice from specialists, if the texts are prepared by external copywriters), videos, etc.), willingness to upgrade your online store, etc.

Our (and not only our) practice shows that the time when to promote business on the Internet and get sales was enough site, copied texts, an empty page on Facebook – has passed. And it has been a few years ago. And those who did not understand it – or have already been overboard receiving lids from the Internet, or will fly out in the near future.

So what do you need from the owner to effectively promote your business online? What you need for the classic promotion of business:

  • Positioning, development of UTP, adjustment from competitors;
  • defining its target audience and working with it through the site, the texts on it, visual information;
  • use all possible channels to attract clients (not just the context on the landings), the use of modern tools of Internet marketing

Yes, these are all obvious things. However, there are still a lot of companies in the market that believe that “these are your internet sites” is complete nonsense, and in general “what are you doing, we have a familiar student for 100 bucks will make a site and the orders will poprut”.

Adequate assessment of the market, competitors, own resources

The second thing that is urgently needed is an adequate assessment of the current situation. Although it may be the first factor of importance) We repeatedly hear, communicating with potential customers:

  • “we need a simple website like Apple’s.”
  • “we need to outrun our competitors, like prom.ua and all.biz.”
  • “we have a young site, but we need just a little: to promote 2 requests in the top 1: buy a sofa and buy a kitchen”.
  • “We have already been promoted by the guys, but we have not achieved the result for the year. And in a month we start the season, you can promote us on request “buy a generator” (for example).

This list can be continued for a long time. And it would be funny if it was not sad. And it’s not because it’s impossible to overtake Prom (it’s possible, and we have repeatedly done it by taking TOP-1 – TOP-3 by inquiries, where prom.ua used to be), but it’s sad because quite a few entrepreneurs don’t understand that to achieve good results you need good resources: time, money, people. That the goal should not be to overtake the prom or the outlet, but to get the target traffic, which is important not for the position on the two-word requests, but for the lida, which is well converted into sales.

What should the owner of the company do in this case? There is a different answer in each specific situation, but if we summarize, we recommend it:

  • to assess the situation objectively (niche competitiveness, strengths and weaknesses, etc.)
  • set the right goals (preferably also for SMART)
  • allocate resources (and this is not about money, although it is also important; allocate people for their part, time to work on promotion)
  • agree on a work plan and stick to it.

During the last three years of work, all our clients, who acted according to such algorithms (if you can call it that), have achieved both their goals and financially recouped all the expenses for promotion.

The need to keep up with the times in terms of Internet marketing tools

Now in stores sellers do not count on accounts, and in offices for a long time no computers with Windows 95. Business is developing together with information technologies. It is very important that in Internet marketing the owner is ready to develop and modernize at least the same way as he modernizes office equipment.

In addition to its own website (own, not made on one of the designers), for the successful growth of business online, you also need the correct work with social networks, email marketing, reputation management, crowd marketing, outreach, etc.

The position “It doesn’t work with me, it means it doesn’t work at all” is not just wrong, it is harmful for the company’s development on the Internet. Yes, the owner of the company may not read the letters that are sent to him online stores, in which he made purchases, he may not communicate in messengers and not read articles about a product or service, before buying it. But this does not mean that everyone does the same.

Multichannelity in attracting traffic to the site and leaders, building and testing hypotheses about where and how to attract users, how to increase conversion, etc. – this must be for business in 2023 and beyond.

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