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What kinds of hosting are there?

To place your own site on the Internet, you need not only to think about what will be the site, choose a domain name, but also choose a hosting. Hosting is a service that provides disk space to place information on a physical server, that is, on powerful computers with special software that store information and perform high-speed, continuous connection to the network. Before choosing a hosting service and creating a website, you also need to choose a CMS and find out under which hosting it is best suited. Here is an example of wordpress requirements.

There are different types of hosting, so when choosing it is important to consider the pros and cons of each of them to choose the most suitable for a particular purpose.

Virtual dedicated (VPS/VDS) server

This type of hosting is more reliable, because on one physical computer is no more than 20 virtual servers. Each of these servers has its own resources allocated to it by the “big” server, they also have their own ip-address.

A huge plus is that the user can set up the server itself. He can choose the software, the operating system. However, to work with such hosting, you need to have knowledge and skills of site administration.

Virtual (shared) hosting

This type of hosting implies storage of information on the server along with other sites. All resources (disk space, computing processes) are distributed among users, so each of them can only dispose of part of the disk space and can not change the settings completely.

In this case, shared-hosting is the most convenient and easy to use, because the user is provided with a control panel with which he can edit the site. In addition, the services of such hosting are the most budget. Speaking of budgets – we recommend you to read our case to promote the company to install alarms – inexpensive and effective.

However, it is important to remember that this type of hosting is unstable. It may contain sites with high attendance, which may interfere with the work of a particular site. Servers may be overloaded, which will also affect the data transfer rate.

Dedicated server

In contrast to the previous two types of hosting, these hosting involves the allocation of a physical server to a particular user. In this case, all resources of the server is managed by the user, who is limited only by their financial capacity and technical progress. A variant of this type is co-location, which implies the location of your own server in the data center of the hosting provider.

This type of hosting is most secure because the user has full control over the server. As in the previous case, it requires the work of an experienced and professional system administrator, who will be able not only to properly configure the server, but also to monitor its status.

When choosing the type of hosting, you need to determine the specifics of the site. Will it be just an information page, a small online store, a medium-sized site with a menu, interactive areas, or a large project that requires a lot of resources.

Having sorted out the purpose of creating a site, you can easily answer the question of which type of hosting to choose.

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