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SMART target setting, or How do I make any task achievable?

The method of setting goals by SMART system allowed to achieve the desired result for thousands of people. Many successful entrepreneurs have built their business through in-depth analysis and the right criteria for task setting.

SMART technique of setting goals allows to achieve success in sales, forms the model of behavior, develops stable rules of life position. It will perfectly suit both freelancer and manager of a large company.

Interesting fact: often the principle of setting tasks is used by very successful people, not realizing that it is designed by SMART-method. It is an intuitive choice based on instincts.

Appearance and principle of operation

The acronym SMART began to be used in 1954. It was introduced by Peter Drucker, trying to separately describe the criteria for setting goals. He understood that in order to work effectively and achieve success, you need to properly motivate yourself to be able to distinguish the important from the urgent. Therefore, these five points of the problem became for him a kind of combination of requirements that are set directly to the goal, rather than to those who will strive for it.

Many people who got acquainted with this program, almost immediately realize that they were fundamentally wrong about their aspirations. They have revised their values and completely changed their approach to task selection.

If you decide to use this knowledge in practice, SMART technology will become an effective tool for your everyday life. You will no longer be surprised by successful people who allow themselves to spend a lot of time on a hobby. You will start to achieve significant results on your own, without breaking down into unnecessary things.

There are many programs and techniques that allow us to achieve our goals. All of them have different degrees of effectiveness and are used by many people. However, there are not many methods that help us define these very goals. SMART is the most effective of them.

SMART: decryption

A typical SMART target setting assumes the execution of certain tasks by points. They are encoded in the abbreviation of the name of this technique. Therefore, before starting to study it, it is necessary to obtain a decryption.


S – Specific;

M – Measurable;

A – Achievable;

R – Realistic;

T – Timed.

Based on these points and will be built on the actual setting of goals by smart methods. This is what determines the effectiveness of all actions.

All items of this abbreviation describe a specific aspect of task definition. However, only concrete thinking can be considered fundamental.

The very first step in creating a site or promoting a site is the correct goal setting. We at CyberShark try to work out the goals for each client as clearly as possible before the start of paid cooperation, because each web resource has its own unique purpose.

SMART Task Setting

Usually SMART technology of setting goals is logical and understandable. However, there are certain features that often cause difficulties when interpreting or projecting on your life. That’s why we’ll look at smart goal-setting by examples, disassembling each item.

Specific (S)

Correct SMART task setting needs a specific goal. No more abstract notions or ambiguous ideas. It is very important to have a specific goal.

For example, the desire to increase the income of your company will not be effective. It needs to be specified, based on a certain result. Therefore, the right goal will look like a desire to increase sales for a particular month, by a certain percentage or amount.

Measurable (M)

SMART tasks are not just specifics, but also measurable results. This is the only way you will understand what to strive for and know when you will get what you expect.

For example, if we are talking about profit, it is better to measure it with certain figures. When the question is about what you can’t measure accurately, you can create a scale characterizing your attitude to the target yourself.

Achievable (A)

This point assumes an honest attitude towards oneself. Effective smart goal setting assumes a real result. Therefore, you need to first really assess your strength, and only on the basis of unbiased observations set tasks.

If you are sure that the goal is real, you need to select the tools to achieve it right away. Therefore, as an example, the task is to increase profits, and the tools are additional marketing strategies, market research and attracting new partners.

Realistic (R)

Before setting smart goals, you need to understand if they are really important to you. It also makes sense to know if the achievement of this task does not violate other plans. So it is best to set one goal, which is the most important for you in a given period of time.

For example, the desire to go on vacation is not combined with achieving success in business. You will have to choose one thing.

Timed (T)

Setting a time frame is very important. At the same time, you should not make them abstract, postponing them to the whole year or a long period of time. The bathing point is very much combined with the specifics and requires a certain date.

For example, the desire to learn English to a certain level of proficiency in a year is not suitable here. The goal should have an exact date. Assign a specific number.

Practical actions for setting SMART tasks

From the points of the smart tasks, you can understand that there is nothing complicated in their setting and development. It is a natural process of achievement, desired by focusing on specific actions over time.

After you have understood this, you need to do the following:

  • Take a blank sheet of paper;
  • make a list of all your wishes;
  • then you need to filter the resulting list, taking into account the smart target system;
  • in the next step it is recommended to evaluate the remaining desires once again, choosing the most important for you;
  • what will remain and will be your task;
  • then you need to identify the tools that you will use to achieve them. If there are difficulties at this stage, it makes sense to review the list again;
  • the final step is to set a timeline. They should be real and short. You should not choose tasks that can only be completed in a few years.

SMART technology is designed exclusively for active action. In the absence of any action, it is useless to count on the result.

Common errors when using SMART technology

There are several incorrect approaches to the application of this method:

  • an attempt to challenge the necessity and importance of a particular task by posing wishful thinking as real. You need to have an honest look at your life;
  • a complete lack of tools and capabilities to achieve your goal. You do not need to strive to become an astronaut at the age of 40 with only a secondary education;
  • everything remains only on paper and is not transferred to life. It is important to take concrete actions, not to sit and wait for SMART technology to start working itself.

SMART goals technology provides an opportunity to organize your life, plan your future and achieve meaningful results. It’s a real program that has helped thousands of people rethink not only their desires, but even some views on life. All you need is to stock up on a set of tools, patience and not to deviate from an active life position.

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