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SEO expert

UPDATE: as of 20/08/2019 the vacancy is actual
And if you know Spanish or English, you are practically hired).

Yes, we have interesting projects, both client and internal. Yes, we work with Ukrainian and foreign clients. Yes, together with us you can grow professionally and do cool things that no one in Ukraine has ever done. And yes, we have tea, coffee and cookies in our office). In this case, we are looking for an employee who burns with business, loves seo and wants to grow with us. And there are certain requirements for him, namely:

  • Analytical mindset, readiness to learn and receive new information
  • Understanding the technical side of promotion
  • Successful experience in SEO
  • Experience of successful promotion of CD, SC, LF, NC requests.
  • Availability of portfolio, confirming the experience (client projects or own) – is welcome.
  • Experience of site promotion in the foreign segment of the Internet – welcome.


Implementation of a set of measures to promote client sites in runet, in the future – in the foreign segment of the Internet.


400 – 700 $ Sooooo much depends on knowledge and practical experience.


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