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How to choose the right domain name for your site?

Do you know how to vibrate the domain for the site, because you don't know how important it is? What is the first level domain of another level? What is your investment in the SEO and your behavior? How do you feel about the history of the domain and Whois? Which variety is more vibrant than the vibrate: the pay or the wholesale free? What does .com do when you see .info? All entries in the next six thousand characters.

Have you ever heard of the film “The Wills Diary”? I don’t think so. But the title “Star Wars” is always on the list, and to find a person who does not know this combination is probably only possible in the Amish villages or in deep tundra. Meanwhile, both phrases belong to the same saga. “Wills’ Diary” is not the name of the first draft of the script.

This digression is an example, though slightly stretched, but accurately conveys the main idea of this article: whether you can choose a good domain name for the site will depend on its SEO-promotion and behavioral factors.

Domain structure

A domain is the name of a site that also serves as the address of your web resource. It consists of several parts, separated by points. For example, in the name cybershark.com.ua, the top domain (first level domain) will be prefix “ua”. This combination is also called domain zone and is divided into three types:

  • national, showing which country the site belongs to. For example, .ua – Ukraine, .ru – Russia, .de – Germany;
  • general (international). Information prefixes, specifying the sphere, in which the site works. For example, .com – commercial projects, .info – information, .gov – governmental institutions;
  • new international domains. They also define the subject of the site. For example, .photography, .fashion, .lawyer – services of a photographer, modeler, lawyer, respectively.

com.ua – domain of the second level. In this case, it indicates that the company belongs to the commercial services sector. “subscard.com.ua” – directly the domain name of the site (or the domain of the third level), which is used to identify your site on the network. The number of letters in the name can vary from 2 to 63 characters (the smaller the better). A hyphen symbol is also allowed, if it is not at the beginning or end of the word.

Correct selection of domain name

Along with convenient design and competent functionality, a domain name plays not the last, albeit not obvious, role in promoting your site To get the right answer to the question: how to choose a domain for the site, let’s go on the principle of the reverse.

Let’s say that you, selling Japanese racing motorcycles, invented the domain: supidoroad.com, arguing that from the Japanese “supido” is translated as speed, and “road”, from English as road. However, with this name you will safely scare away all visitors to the web resource. And that’s why:

  • domain name should be concise, readable and visually attractive. Avoid complex combinations such as YU, YA, ZH. Such combinations are difficult to perceive and prevent the guest from remembering the name;
  • when looking at the domain supidoroad.com, the user will have any kind of associations, but not about Japanese motorcycles. Here would look much more interesting options “fastmoto”, or “bestmoto”. Also avoid ambiguous formulations. For example, the domain “supidoroad” will certainly be interpreted incorrectly. If you don’t believe it, say the phrase several times quickly and out loud.

How to choose a domain name for a website in terms of SEO

Now let’s consider the domain name in terms of SEO-promotion. If you are the owner of some brand, use it in the domain name.  For example, Wikipedia.org, Apple.com, Audi.com, etc.

Search engines will define such a word form as a brand factor and will bring it to the first place faster by key requests.

It is possible to increase the recognizability by using a keyword in a domain. This method is suitable for firms that provide specific services, or sell a certain type of goods. For example, stanki.com, psychologist.org. Thus, if you choose the right domain name, even the owners of small sites specializing in a narrow niche of services will be able to compete with large web resources. When using a keyword in a domain, try to keep it close to the beginning of a line.

There are a few more tricks to distinguish your domain from competitors. These include:

  • double domain usage. Not a bad reception for companies that work in areas with high competition. Minimizes the opportunity to get to a busy domain and allows you to distinguish yourself. It is a good example: “hlebnastol” or “pogodavdome”;
  • rhyme usage. A rather complicated way of selecting a domain name, but it significantly increases its recognizability;
  • use of the first level domain as a logical continuation of the second level domain. For example, holod.com (sale of refrigerators), or master.com (repair services), etc. Visitors will appreciate the elegance, and better remember your site.

Buying a domain

You can get a domain for money or for free. Although free of charge you will most likely be offered a third-level domain on some site, for example, mylife.livejornal.com. This means that you are not the owner of the site, but only the owner of the subdomain. or you will be offered a free domain, provided that you pay for hosting. Search engines are quite paranoid about free domains, and promote them much slower. Therefore, it is much better to promote your site will be the purchase of a paid domain.

Purchase of second-level domain is possible from any registrar of domain names. The main thing is to ask about its history.

Domain history

The Internet remembers everything. And this applies not only to pictures of your cats and old correspondence, for which it is a shame, but a lot of technical data. For example, in the network stores the date of registration and indexing of the domain, information about its owner, as well as information about the sanctions of search engines. And these factors significantly affect the promotion of the web resource. If you want your site to promote without unnecessary “sticks in the wheels”, pay attention to:

  • age. Search engines trust domains registered more than a year ago. But take into account the fact that “adult” domains are more expensive than the young ones;
  • the number of owners. Here the choice of domain can be compared with a rented apartment. No matter how beautiful and spacious it is, if the guests run away from it with strange regularity, then there is some catch. Search engines evaluate a domain in a similar way, and treat with suspicion resources that often change their owners;
  • open whois data. Whois is a set of data indicating whether a domain is busy or free, when, by whom and in whose name it was registered. This information is used by search engines to form domain factors and if it is hidden, forces them to treat your site with a little paranoia, which also affects the speed of promotion.


Wrong choice of domain for the site even if it does not become a disaster of biblical proportions, but will significantly complicate the already complex process of promotion, from outsiders to the first pages of search engines. So make sure that you have chosen a concise, easy to write and memorable name of the web resource, as accurately as possible determine the direction of your site.

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