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Copywriter for hosting theme

Dear job seeker! If your information texts begin with the words “every person at least once in a lifetime”, and the description of goods in the online store necessarily contains an excursion into the history of ancient Egypt (because everyone should know that: “the history of bed linen originates in ancient Egypt …”), then before sending your resume be sure to read “Write, shorten” (Maxim Ilyakhov). This will significantly increase our chances of understanding each other.

If you have experience in writing articles about hosting and website development.

If you write without grammar mistakes, are responsible and ready to learn – I think we have been looking for you for a long time).

And if you can write texts in English and are ready to work in the office – I just can’t believe in my happiness! We are definitely looking for you!

And what about remote work? And it’s possible, but only if you have one:

  • There is a laptop or computer at home and it breaks down no more than once a month;
  • if you have stable Internet and electricity (stable means that they do not disappear 10 minutes before the project);
  • if you have all your relatives and pets are healthy, i.e. you will not be constantly treating someone and spending time somewhere.

Have you read up to this point? Perfect! Half of the quest has been passed.

There are three simple steps left to get the job:

  1. Send your resume and sample texts;
  2. Put a smiley in your resume.
  3. Perform a test task. Paid. If you think that the work in the task is more expensive – you think right. We do not buy your text for 100 UAH. This is a test of your competence and confirmation of our honesty. If you feel uncomfortable working with our TOR or you can not perform it – fine! So we have saved you a lot of time and nerves.

Do you still want to send your resume? We will hire you with a 70% probability).

P. S. Are there text volume requirements per day? Yes, but this is very individual. Do you still need a number? ok, 9k characters per day as a guideline.

P. P. S. Office in the center of the Dnieper, 5 days a week, from 9 to 18, with vacation and sick leave.

P.P.P.S. If you still need the requirements in a structured form, here they are:


  • Experience of 2 years as a copywriter/editor/journalist;
  • Experience in professional writing and rewriting of articles;
  • Perfect knowledge of competent Russian and Ukrainian language;
  • Flexibility, willingness to learn, mastering new topics;
  • Ability to work with information: find, analyze, make logical conclusions.

Important (!): The final salary depends heavily on your experience and skills.

Thank you for your attention and look forward to your resume with hope in your heart).

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